Monday, August 25, 2014

Anybody Got A Scantron For Ryan Mallett?

Anybody Got A Scantron For Ryan Mallett?

Today Ryan Mallett is the back up quarterback for the New England Patriots. He played for Michigan and Arkansas in college. The story I am about to tell you is true. When Ryan Mallett  was in Fayetteville, my buddy had a class with him.

Ryan Mallett with Snoop Dogg

Everybody knows that Ryan Mallett liked to smoke weed, back in his college days of course.  If you ever went to college in Fayetteville everybody smokes weed, walking around campus, in the dorms, hell probably most of the professors smoke the herb, I know I did when I was there.

One day my buddy was taking a test in one of those stadium seating, auditoriums for a huge class in Fay. Ole Ryan shows up late reeking of weed... allegedly. Everyone is silent taking their exams when Ryan Mallett blurts out....

Anybody Got A Scantron For Ryan Mallett?

Some student was like sure any thing for the starting quarterback for the Razorbacks and gave RM a scantron which is an answer sheet for multiple choice tests and necessary to have in college. So Ryan gets the scantron and everybody calms down from the sudden Ryan Mallett sighting. The Ryan blurts out...

Anybody Got a Pencil For Ryan Mallett? 

He goes, on talking in third person, "I knows somebody gots to have a #2 Pencil for Ryan Mallett!"
Someone eventually gave him a pencil, and the rest is history. Even to this day if RM goes to Fayetteville some one will yell out "Anybody Got a Scantron for Ryan Mallett?" and if you have never heard Ryan Mallett speak he is very country and sounds like this...

Ryan Mallett Needs A Scantron!
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