Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Substitute Teacher

Diary of a Wimpy Substitute Teacher

I was a substitute teacher in the LRSD for one semester; it was an experience I can never forget.  A student attacked me and it made all of the local news that night, and a few days later my favorite student and my most well behaved student, was murdered while he skipped school. True story check out the links:

 Student attacked me 

  My favorite student, Lil Mike was murdered

 I have written an eBook about these events and many more that probably should have made the news titled, Diary of a Wimpy Substitute Teacher . It only costs $ 1.50 US, Amazon, Kindle, KDP gets one dollar and I get fifty cents and part of my profits will go to the family of Lil Mike. So please buy my book, put this on your school reading list and let me know what you think, email me Thank you.

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