Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jimbo Fisher Is A Waterhead

Jimbo Fisher Is A Waterhead

It should be no surprise to any one that Jameis Winston acted like a retarded waterhead during his time at Florida State because his head coach Jimbo Fisher is a retarded waterhead.   Now I'm not going to judge Jimbo just on his name, no one has control over what their retarded daddy named them but in this case the apple does not fall far from the tree, in fact I don't think Jimbo's family tree has any branches. 
Jimbo Fisher Is A Waterhead

Last night FSU opened up their season against Ole Miss, a showdown, the waterheads vs the inbreds.
Well, right before kickoff ESPN went live to the FSU locker room right at the climax of Jimbo's motivational speech. Okay, this is an ESPN film crew in the locker room, it is not some water boy with a small GO Pro camera but a film crew with a large shoulder camera and I assume a bright light flashing which signaled that they were shooting live coverage, so the one speaking should realize that they are on camera and maybe think about what they are saying, oh not Jimbo, his speech went a little something like this and I quote:

"We gonna get in dat ASS!" Jimbo said "Clap it up one time."

I was not quite sure I believed what I heard so I turned up my equalizer on my stereo and watched as Jimbo paced around the locker room with his knuckles dragging on the floor. "Remember Why You're Here" Jimbo said, "We gonna get In Dat ASS! I said We Gonna Get In Dat ASS! Wooo!

The football players started to grunt like primates and raise their helmets in the air like a pack of orcs on Lord of The Rings. Jameis Winston was probably yelling his catch phrase, "Fuck Em Right In The Pussy!" 

"We gonna Get in dat Ass Boys!" Jimbo said with a rebel yell one last time, "Now take a knee for the Lord's Prayer".....then all the primates bowed their heads and took a knee. What In The Fuck Did I Just Observe?

I know what some of y'all are thinking, "Come on now Kyle, we like getting in dat ass and we like the Lord's Prayer, Ole Jimbo he's just molding these young minds is all." Maybe that is the problem, something is seriously wrong with this football culture and it is evident by the way a national championship winning coach is communicating with his players. "Come on now Kyle, that's just how coaches have to talk to players." Hmm, maybe all coaches talk to their players that way, hell  Jerry Sandusky  at Penn State was probably saying the same thing to his boys but instead of  "We" it was "I'm." Hello!  ESPN cut off the feed in the locker room as soon as FSU took a knee but I wonder what Jimbo Fisher finished their prayer with? "Alright, boys can I get a Rape A Bitch on 3? Jameis get in here!" 

Jimbo Fisher Is A Waterhead

Ah, yes. It is football season once again and all of the waterhead conservative Christians, also known as Republicans are in full heat across the South Eastern United States. I predict in late April / early May,  nine months from now the population of all of the trailer parks will double. Waterhead momma's are going to be popping out little waterhead miracle babies faster than a bag of microwavable popcorn. Pop, pop, pop, wahhh! I wish I could remember your daddy's name? I'm just gonna call you pizza delivery junior, oh I got it, I love Jimbo Fisher, how bout lil' Jimbo? Awww:) A new generation of Americans dependent on food stamps and football praise Jesus, now take a knee for the Lord's Prayer.... 

 PS The Arkansas Razorbacks suck again surprise, surprise. Full me once Arkansas media shame on you, full me thirty years in a row shame on me.