Sunday, April 23, 2017


Last night at Verizon Arena was one of the best rock shows from one of the best touring rock bands of all time. 60 dollar nosebleed tickets were so worth it, hearing my favorite band with my favorite sister and brother, listening to RHCP was amazing, the light lantern show was incredible whoever engineered the hundreds of light lanterns is simply an art genius, and the lanterns changing color complimented each song nicely.


Flea stopped slapping the bass to say just how thankful he was to be here still doing what he fucking loves to do create great music, how thankful we all should be about being alive in general. How lucky we all are to be here at a rock show giving him money. A LOT of Fucking money.  Later on in the show he did a version of the hobo folk song Big Rock Candy Mountain with just him singing and on  bass which was unexpected, hilarious and wonderful.

Ant still has an iconic great voice, he is a lyricist up there with Bob Dylan, he has written so many songs that helped define a generation. A proficient writer with songs spanning multiple generations he is the heart of the band,  but Chad keeps the beat.  He didn't throw out like a hundred drum sticks like he did on RHCP's last show at Verizon which happened to be on his birthday, "I wouldn't want to be any where else on the planet to celebrate my birthday than right here in Little Rock, Arkansas!" Yea right Chad but thank you for beating the crap out of those drums again sir.

Klinghoffer is an incredible guitarist and performer. Dude was dancing like MC Hammer with the guitar. Flea has definitely taken him under his wing. The two jumped around Ant all night rocking the crowd, it was an awesome rock show.


Speaking of Awesome rock shows, the opener was a band called BABY METAL, it was like three zombie anime Power Puff Girls yelling in Japanese with Slipknot as their backup band. I didn't understand a single thing they said but I didn't have to their music transcends. Baby Metal Rocks. I hope Flea is just railing one of those zombie Power Puff Girls.

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