Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vortex Arcade In Sherwood Is Worth 9.25$

The Vortex Arcade is incredible and for adults you better go during a school night and though I try to stay away from Sherwood at all cost, this new Vortex Arcade is so tight that I might have to make the drive again.

$9.25 For Unlimited Free Play All The old school Arcade games
TMNT Arcade
Street Fighter II
Mortal Kombat II
Star Wars 1983
Time Crisis II
& Like 10 pinball machines

These were the games we played for two hours until I realized 1994 was calling and wanted their games back, Time to go, it was fun though for a couple hours tops and I’ll be back. The comic book guy from the Simpson’s was there at the front desk, rude as ever.

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